Wednesday, November 27, 2013

3 Tips For Getting Through Voicemail Screen

How many times have you heard you need to go through the gatekeeper and get to the decision makers to make the sale? Countless books and sales trainer discussion about it over the years. Most of the advice that was written for a world without voicemail. Now a flat organization with little administrative assistant to management, which means fewer gatekeepers to screen live our phone calls. The government provides also produce decisions lies in business levels lower than before. More and more decision makers are now using voicemail as main gatekeepers or even exclusive and screening tools. Now I will discuss a few tips to get your target sales in the world of voicemail hell. The first rule as usual in the sale is to be prepared, so you should have ready two or three main hospital and the vision that the product or solve the road. Make sure you are ready at least a strong pain that your prospects are likely to identify with (elimination of pain is a powerful motivator for most people than the sight of creation). 

TIP # 1 - When People Call weird screen their calls during normal business hours 8:00 to 6:00 will often pickup the phone when a call comes in at 6:00 or 20:30 and they work at their desks. With some crazy people at work today, it can be very effective. They will pick up the phone is generally thought that the only people who would call 8:30 pm on the night their spouse or friend. Who could possibly know that this office on sick time? Tried to call any time after 18:00, and 08:00 to 21:00 or if you really need to accomplish this year. If this is important to the business, and difficult to reach, the chance to work them very late, too early, or both. Taking direct extension number or VP Director in medium to large size company can seem like an impossible task. Lead some people will have a direct extension to the receptionist did not give. Instead, the best you get is a general extension department 555-2000 (where there really is a gatekeeper). Other times you just get voicemail guard (now you're really stuck in voicemail hell) 

TIP # 2 -. Trick one another extension to extension call random companies, say 555-2198 and ask for your target. You more than likely will get someone who is not experienced in getting out of the phone call. When receiving a call you saying you've got the wrong extension, tell them that you start passing around for extensions wrong, wrong person, wrong voice message, and that you actually failed - sounded very agitated. Tell them you have to return the call, but you lose the right number or is it hazy in your voicemail. Ask them if they can tell you directly dial numbers so you will not get passed by one receptionist voicemail today. The key here is to sound annoyed. You want them to feel a bit sorry for you, so they will want to help you. People want to help others in need. With the extension number directly to decision makers, se  Tip # 1. 

TIP # 3 - Prepare Commercial may decide that the best use of your time to leave a message. If you want a chance to get you to call back, you better make it good. My favorite strategy is to tell a short story to get the attention of prospects before they have a chance to realize that it is the voice of the seller and press delete. Your story should contain a customer who has the disease your product solved. Start your story by saying "Hi Greg, Shamus Brown here. You know, XYZ company experiencing tremendous ... [Fill with strong pain of business here] "Do not identify yourself as a salesperson or specify your company at the beginning of the commercial. Make sound real bad disease - talk about serious consequences. 

Once your commercial to say "Greg, to know how my company, company ABC, XYZ company to help eliminate this problem, give me a call at (530) 265-4099." To leave or not to leave a message depends on the nature of what you sell and who you sell prospect base. If you sell to a small group of companies, then I will not leave a message until after being very persistent in the first two approaches. If you have a large number of potential prospects to call, you can use the commercial strategy at all. Able to adapt and survive and eventually you will make contact. On a final note, the best way to get to the decision maker is to be introduced to people. Partnering with other companies that already have existing relationships with prospects very effective for use in a higher level. Selling other people's products below first takes more time, but often the way business is done in the real world. The above tips will come in handy when you are confused on how to get a referral introduction. © 1999-2004 Shamus Brown, All Rights Reserved.

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