Thursday, April 25, 2013

Q & A: Tour Rome with Dennis Rodman and Popemobile

worm is on a roll. After a surreal North Korean dictator Bromance Kim Jong-un a few weeks ago, the NBA star Dennis Rodman and cultural peculiarities swept to Rome on behalf of the sponsor, Ireland-based gambling site Paddy Power where he posed for pictures on the St. Peter's Square., Word-spouting words of peace of the world, and generally cause, Rodman-esque bustle scene.Paddy Power has a long history of publicity stunts, which range from having a player during a football game drop trou Denmark to hold a giveaway for horse meat horse meat national scandal. In 2008, they came under fire for setting odds on the assassination of President Obama (for the first half: 12-1; immediately removed.) Bloomberg Businessweek caught up with Rory Scott, spokesman for the Paddy Power, which was on the verge of Rodman Dennis Rodman in the Vatican throughout the entire day.Why very random and strange twist of fate.? After his visit to North Korea, he is currently. We run a deal: If the Cardinals chose the first black pope, we will refund all losing bets. We put our necks on the line for over a million dollars. Pope betting is nothing new, old as the gathering itself. Dennis caught wind of it and thought it was pretty funny. He want to cast himself as an ambassador for world peace, so he said, "Look, I'm going to come to Rome, I talk about the weather, and I'll help you spread the gospel of Pope forecasts, "and kind of go from there. Wait, he came to you? We went to him originally. We heard that he wants to be ambassadors of peace of the world. Thinking is that if the cardinals chose a black pope, the world would be a better love and peace and kindness toward Rodman man.Why suitable for you in terms of marketing? It's a match made in heaven for our brand. Dennis is a curious and mischievous. He did not mind ruffled some feathers, and Paddy Power exact same.How can work with Rodman? I tried to give him directions, you know, about why we do it and why some people are candidates that we are rooting for the Pope. But he's a free spirit. This kind of planned show.We Dennis Rodman Dennis Pope comes to mobile. He was trapped in northern Italy as some snow, so a few hours late. It's a shame. It finally arrived, and we are on our way to the Vatican, but they shut down the main road, because it is relatively close to smoke. So we do not get enough magnificent entrance that we were expecting. But other than that, it has four crazy.We Security Guards in San Pedro Square because people are so excited to see him. This is a huge crush of people trying to get close to him. We did about a hundred interviews throughout the day, and everyone wants to talk to him. They wanted to hear about his trip and his meeting with North Korea Kim. Puts a smile on everyone face.Did publicity stunt translated into returning to your site? We certainly see a spike in articles around the world. Creates a little buzz, which nice.What Rodman reaction to the new pope? I think he was glad it was not Europe. According to him, they should give a chance to other continents. He was excited about the Pope Francis. He thought he was a humble man Francis, that is, not Rodman.

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