Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Align Strategy and Sales -! Renting the Right People

More frequent and most companies, sales is the process of achieving the target sales figures and revenue budgeting. It's okay when the market monopoly and non-dynamic (there is something left like that?), But in the current business scenario, we only need 'feet on the street'! We need a sales staff that can extract value from limited resources to market. No sales are matching and working with the law of probability efforts vis-a-vis sales / business plan calls.Implementation mechanical work - Marketing Strategy - Marketing Success is the main focus. 

First of all, you should know what you are dealing with the outside. Market forces change with great precision and simply 'obey' Sales managers can understand the dynamic changes well in advance. Let us look at the outdoors, as listed below: 1. Operating in your industry - this is 'external' practice a lot because every industry has its own variables affect consumer behavior. What works in technology sales distribution does not always meet the needs of FMCG sales distribution. The lead time to close the sale in the technology sector has been a long while fast FMCG industry, reciprocating and dynamic. Both require effective sales personnel even though the mind set of staff will vary a lot based on the industry they work practice in.2. Market is for sure - I realized very early in my sales career, relying on market forces local cultural practices social / market when it comes to decision-making and purchasing patterns. For example., Middle East countries' markets, customers are not 'just' price-sensitive, but they also feature a very specific when it comes to buying a photocopier or other office automation products I sold. Here, global markets, and purchasing options wide open very much making it a very competitive market! It requires more skills among sales persuasion just to win sales orders. While in India, price alone does not determine the strength then.3. Customers and their desires - In my opinion, in Mumbai, while the cooperative customers in conservative Chennai customers. 

It has not changed much despite the globalization movement, science on the availability of purchase opportunities or more MNC companies opened their branch offices (and some opened their headquarters) in Chennai. It has not changed because of the local culture and the resultant mind-set that led to a typical consumer behavior. In Chennai, longer sales cycles and price-sensitivity is more emphasis on sales negotiations. Ideally as a suitable, local market sales experience to be considered as hiring sales people in specific markets to ensure customer satisfaction and sales success! To hire a sales person, it is important to be seen but the long hiring manager should know he can not wait for the perfect delay and Sales personnel to join all the time. Short-term sales goals should not be ignored while adhering to the norms recruit the best salespeople. In a recruitment drive, it is mandatory to work with seasoned experts with functional Industry Skills they serve. Sorting is a very dynamic process - whether selling or buying - and the dynamic market opportunities as well. Hiring the right people!

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