Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rubber flooring: options

Rubber wood made of rubber. There are many advantages to having a rubber wood against other types of wood because they are easy to install and maintain. It is anti-static compared to carpet and can protect the sound and vibration. Rubber wood is a hard wearing material to have for the tree and so it is a popular choice for the working environment, but also resistant to slowly too.

Rubber Flooring Tiles

There are various options when it comes to wood flooring rubber tiles you have the option of slate effect tiles, solid smooth, and round stud tile. Every choice you also have the option of color that matches the theme of your home or office where for example the effects of slate tiles have a choice of color light gray, slate gray, and dark gray. With rubber wood stud there tiling round a large variety of colors to choose from, including orange, blue, shell, black, chocolate, Acorn, mango and many others.

Sheet rubber flooring

As well as rubber wood tiles also have the option sheet. Solid smooth sheet is different from the tiles as they are large sheets covering the floor instead of putting a lot of smaller tiles. Sheet rubber wood is easy to clean and very hardwearing. Because the smooth appearance of wood can make the room look very modern and contemporary.

Wood is placed with a special adhesive made for acrylic. Using a spoon wood glue applied to the tile, or sheet, and rubber stuck to the floor. Rubber wood is known for its ease of laid. Special cleaning products can be purchased to clean the floor. Because the rubber flooring is very easy to clean and therefore very hygienic.

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