Sunday, December 8, 2013

Graduate Advice - Moving Cities

So you just graduated. Congratulations! What now? I think it's time to think about what you want to do with your life? I mean you want to use your degree and start a career ladder right? So how and where can you do it? Some of them live in a university town and city, some return to their parents' house, and others take a strong hop, skip and jump in Oliver Twist, Golden paved (This is an act -Act), Fun, Fashion capital'd'd Personal calls 'Landan Town, aka Cockney voice' London.

London normal person, if you do not live here always, very busy, scary place, full of traffic, tubes , and people! But brush that aside and look a little more capital, and you will find the most interesting opportunities, contact the impressive and growing place to live and work in London really is the place to live for every child matters graduate.First candidates first, starting with graduates who lived on the streets of London can they? Thus, the most important aspect of your move is to find a good place to make your home. There are so many websites that can help in sharing flats, cheap accommodation, and a place to stay for a meeting in London for the first time. 

Gumtree fantastic, sharing space, and Craigslist, all of which allow you to select an area of ​​choice and seizing the distance and interact with what's around. My tip is, and it is a clear end (obviously not to move my head from when I moved here 4 years ago) but always visit the contact area before saying yes to a house or flat . I moved to London from Devon plane satisfying and decided, not cockily I would just call and receive a residence with 4 randoms without seeing it (I know pretty stupid) and believe me it was a complete dive full of strange! So always check the place and the people in your life, if you live in the area you happy, then do your job search time in London and 100% more amazing.So have a place you call ' Home ', now you need to snap the picturesque capital purposes, but how? You need two things, determination and patience. Some people moved to London, moving there because of the work that is set in place (which is fortunate), etc. come here without a job so that the search engines have their heads Run sauna, and this is where determination and patience when it comes to throttle.

I is one of the graduates who come to London without a job, but have a strong opinion in London and working here is the only thing I want, and no patience and I give judgment after the 30th rejection letter.Unfortunately pretty tough time out there for fresh Graduate, you will get a letter of rejection that makes you feel low, and you will lose the interview, but with patience it will happen I promise you. London is one of the growing cities network capabilities. You can go out on a crazy night in Soho, or even completely bar next to the dam and meet the most incredible people who have regular jobs that you important contacts and network links. 

Do not be afraid to ask for e-mail or the number of people you find attractive at night (without being too forward), jumped on the horse and the network, making it easy to do. When I moved to London, I was unemployed, living in a dive and feeling pretty low, but one night I was in Camden and met a young woman who works for a PR company, we still have to talk chat and he gave me his email address. It took so much adrenaline early bounce email him, but I made my own and securing an internship for a month, it's all about to go to a specific place you want. London is full of places that may be very different at each visit borough, like Camden is the alternative center, Shoreditch is in the middle of the 'uber cool' Brixton, Peckham and rental hangouts art movement so wandering around London also key to move for things in London. You can be the hardest hit when moving to London is the amount of money you spend to get around. Every year tube and bus prices go up and up, but the show is the best way to start a new one entirely from London to get around is by getting a fantastic blue plastic card , named after a meeting in London of shell fish can not live without. .. 

The Oyster card.Depending zone where you live, there are a total of 6 god, depending on how much you spend on the trip. My advice depends on whether you have a job, and how much you are traveling, go for a monthly pass works out cheaper than the days passed, below is how the period and the exercise price. • Zone 1-2 is £ 112.20 per month • Zone 1-3 is £ 131.40 per month • Zone 1-4 is £ 160.60 per month • Zone 1-5 is £ 191.30 per month • Zone 1-6 £ 205.10 per monthSounds such a sizeable amount of money right? But living in London and with fast pace of life, has a great monthly pass is a must! Once you have it, it's green for everyone to tour London, discovering and exploring the nooks and crannies of London life. Did I mention that the Oyster card has no limit on buses around London as well (big bonus, especially for a night bus when you have one of the many ciders) so that you have a new London esque home, contact your actions in developing iPhone ready, and all the essential travel card, what else do you need? Went to London in theory 'is a new beginning' and in London with both hands and enjoy the capital, which is one hell of a town!

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