Sunday, December 1, 2013

Working relationship, What They Cost?

? Love is in the air Thousands of people meet their spouse at work, let's face it we spend most of our time in workplace.As manager thought how relevant it can affect your work, if you are ready to meet the fall? Intimidation, sexual harassment and favoritism all the real problems that may arise in the employment relationship. Surely it must be a problem seriously.However business acquisitions, if we try to avoid the "nanny" state how we control the relationship I think the answer is we do;? We try and control the effects of business relationships colleagues.

All and they should have a policy in place to address this issue is clear and simple. I suggest that all employment relationships must be notified to the HR department. They will then have to decide whether there may be a conflict of interest in a business if the relationship continues or go sour.Perhaps if any interaction with managers and their team members, it would be the interest of the business relationship and move one of them to other areas of the business. This however, is where you need to approach with caution. I do not believe that it should always be subordinate to move. It is, in my book, is classified as discrimination. The steps that must be taken with caution and also seek advice from your HR representative.The lovebirds should be reminded that they must act in a practical way every time in the workplace, like other employees should have. 

Romantic lunch time hours are unacceptable and secret meetings in the barn will be responsible for the best! They also have to realize that all good things sometimes come to a bad end and they should be ready to be mature about their relationship problems. Eventually the storm could be the beginning of the time for business and this is where the employees must understand they are not treated differently than other employees behave in a manner deemed inappropriate. And disciplinary action can be taken if necessary.Although measures must be put in place to ensure that the working environment is not negatively affected by the interaction, there should not be a big song and dance as well. Not until it's time to buy a hat anyway!

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