Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why We Need to Train the Trainer?

Why do we need to train the trainers? Afterall, we know that people have the skills and knowledge of the subject, so why do not they just give you the skills and knowledge? Well, it is important to realize that every coach needs two separate sets of skills and knowledge to train others. First, they really need to know their subject training (subject matter expertise); But secondly, they need to know how to transfer information to students (teaching skills) coach must know the subject well, and to learn a subject well enough to exercise. , Coach often experts should have experience or knowledge on a higher level than the level of their training. But other than that, the coach needs to get expert instruction, or training for trainers. Often assume that because a person has the knowledge and skills of the subject area, they will be able to train others. But this is not necessarily the case. Skills.Whoever a completely new training trained, trainers can not only explain the topic to the participants, and then expect them to "get it." This training is a lot of knowledge transfer. A coach must know how to manage knowledge, which comes in a variety of formats for those with different learning styles and preferences, and talk about the subject in a way that the participants can understand and learn from.Training expensive, so when it is done, it is necessary to effectively and with maximum impact. A coach must be clear and confident in their delivery, and learn how to build and maintain relationships throughout the training session. A coach must be able to adapt to meet the different learning needs and styles of behavior, and to be able to learn strategies to encourage and stimulate interaction and effectively train the trainer program involvement.An will have a positive impact on the participants. This helps the coach to change the training programs and workshops on multi-layered, interactive learning experiences, effective and energy that ensures long-term retention of information by students, and therefore increase their productivity and of course effectiveness.Of, after being trained, then the coach will be valuable in house resources for the organization. They are able to respond quickly to the needs of students, saving time and effort in finding the ideal training resource out organisation.The coach has knowledge of the people and the culture and organizational systems to create a project tailor-made training. They have a high understanding of the issues facing the organization and consequently can provide the most relevant content. Do not forget the money they save to source external trainers. But ultimately train the trainer in your home will keep your commitment to training and development training you staff.Train Trainer can help you do all these things, and more.Best WishesSandra

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